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Offered Quality costumes for …..
Volunteers of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas at Madhapur, Hyderabad.
Stewards of Utsav Hotel, Secunderabad during the Punjab Food Festival.
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Adarsha Dress Palace does HOMEWORK for a Dancer's CLASSWORK.

The Adarsha Dress Palace offers rich quality services of the highest order for 100% customer-satisfaction remains our main plank.

Costumes for all

A fabulous and in-depth collection of costumes of different shades, colours, art work & designs that mirrors all segments of individuals & characters. It's an excellent reflection of the rich Indian society and culture.

Adarsha Dress Palace understands your inner mind on your costume design, designs costumes for your product promotion and delivers it on time matching 100% of your requirement.

Jewellery (Artificial)

Jewels add a touch of that extra gloss to its wearer and provide that added alluring look to one’s personality. An excellent stable of artificial jewellery products to go along with rich costumes and make up products makes Adarsha Dress Palace a favourable hub for those who cherish tasteful products.


The Adarsha Dress Palace offers the following costumes on hire and for sale at cost-effective rates...

For Hire/Sale

Koya / Chenchu
Kashmiri Tribal
Gujarathi Dandia
Naga Tribal
Bonalu Ceremony
Assami Tribal

Economic Price

A notable feature of our exemplary service has been the economical and reasonable rates that are offered for our products. It caters to different income groups and satisfies the aspirations of one and all.

We work by understand

Each customer means a lot to us & every step is taken to ensure an excellent ambience and all round satisfaction. To understand and win over a customer is our work philosophy and remains our wheel to greater success. Adarsha Dress Palace remains your best ally for all occasions and situations...

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