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Here is a standard treatise on Koochipoodi dance. Koochipoodi exponents, gurus and Choreographers will find this book particularly useful. In fact, this book is a must and mandatory for fine tuning of the skills of choreographers. Sri Munukuntla Sambasiva took pains spread over several decades, to collect, compile and present the subject in a cogent, concise, simple and logical order. Abinaya darpana, Abhinaya Chandrika Natya sastra of Bharata, Sangeeta ratnakara by Sarangadeva form part of bibliography for this book.

The book is a visual treat and is embellished with the photographs of renowned dancers, who presented various Mudras with grace and alacrity. The book commences with Angikabhinayanam and deals with jatis, bheadas, Siva Tandava, laasya, Mudras, music and musical accompaniments so essential for koochipoodi dance. The intricacies, nuances and graceful movements can be learnt from this book. Indeed, this book deals with each and every aspect of the dance with crisp and clear explanation.

The Adarsha dress palace is in the business of promoting the fine arts for more than five decades. We have no hesitation in stating that this book is unique and nowhere one can find such material on kuchipoodi dance in a single volume. For all the efforts undertaken this book is very reasonably priced (Rs 4500 only including courier charges to USA, UK and other western countries). We are happy to offer this monumental work to all gurus graceful koochipoodi dance.

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