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A beautifully classical and traditional dance form from the eastern part of India, Orissa, Odissi dance has a chequered and fascinating history and culture that has evolved with time to the modern day. Graceful and sensual, Odissi dance form mainly focuses on three main regions of body movements, that is, the head, the chest (abdomen) and the pelvic region

Like all Indian dance forms, an Odissi dance requirement also includes costumes, jewellery and make-up. The whole of Odissi dance requirements combines in them an excellent colour sense and love of traditional weaves and designs that sum up the richness of Oriyan heritage in all its beautiful glory.

The Odissi dance costume is similar to that of traditional Bharatanatyam costume. Unique and resplendent, the dance costume, saree and blouse, is bright and resplendent, made-up of solid colors and hues. The Odissi dance dress saree is a Sambalpuri saree or a patta saree or a silk saree, that a brightly coloured saree supplemented by either a black or red blouse called the kanchula, embellished with diverse stones and gold and silver thread. Then there is the Pallu called the Thallaippu which is a pleat made in the front with a rich look and feel.

Complementing the Odissi dance dress are elaborate filigree silver jewellery pieces, comprising of bangles, ear-rings, necklaces and anklets, arm pieces, etc. Finally, there is the Make-up which is simple, comprising White face paint, Red big bindi, Red dark lipstick, lots of safety pins, etc. Put together, all of dance requirements make the dancers look pure and natural without looking dramatic.

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Odissi dance costumes

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