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A dance of nomad people known as Kathaks, who roam in villages and entertain villagers, Kathak is a popular North Indian dance form. These Kathaks wearing Kathak dance dress used myths and scripts as a dance that was accompanied by music, vocals and gestures bringing to life the dance show.

Apart from this, Kathak dances were also performed in the courts of the Muslim Rajas that used to depict the Raasalila between Lord Krishna and Radha. The beauty of Kathak lay in its beautiful costume that provided the spontaneity, and a refreshing freedom from uniformity with improvisation and innovations. Known for its swift rhythmic movements, the kathak dance in stunning costume is performed with incredible speed to culminate in a gracious posture.

Kathak Dance Requirements

like any other traditional Indian dance is a combination of stunning costume, jewellery and make-up. The Kathak costumes were initially ghaghra (long skirt), Choli (Blouse) and a veil. Gradually, it gave way to churidhar, pyjamas and angrakha and finally a sari for women. For the men, the Odissi dance costume is the Dhoti.

A traditional Kathak Dance Requirements & Kathak costume, Saree is worn up in a tied-up style to allow greater freedom of movement during the dance. Apart from sarees with attractive blouses, woman Kathak dancers also on occasions wear lehenga-choli with an optional odhni or veil. Some dancers adopt the Mughal costume, which consists of an angarkha, tightly fitting above the waist and the skirt portion explicitly cut on the round, supplemented by the churidar on the legs. For the men kathak dancers it could be either a dhoti with a pleated or frilled cloth hanging from the waist to the knees OR the Mughal period

Kathak dance costume

of kurta churidars with caps. The

Kathak dance dresses

for male and female dancers are usually in bright shades of orange, red or green.

Kathak dance jewellery are mainly ornaments of gold and silver for head, arms, hands, fingers, waist ,feet, and the small ankle bells also called as ghungroos, that help in dancing many complex patterns which are a hallmark of Kathak.

The Adarsha Dress Palace offers as well as rents the entire range of Kathak dance requirements, including Kathak dance costumes, make-up and jewellery. Kathak make-up offered has all, right from hair to the toe, various styles and types of accessories that go hand in hand with the dance performance. Adarsha also provides for tailor made Kathak dance dresses in various patterns and contemporary designs.

A well done Kathak dance costume along with perfect jewellery goes a long way in enhancing the performance of a Kathak dance.

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